Why is a supported Detox retreat better than doing one on your own?

It can be very hard to keep up the motivation to go through a detox on your own. In a group or with support it is so much easier.

A professional guide knows the difference between a healing crisis (strong reactions experienced in the detox, which are part of the process and taking you to much better health) and a dis-ease crisis (strong reactions experienced in the detox which are indicative of your need to stop the detox or to change how you are doing the cleanse immediately). This is really important to know, because it is the difference between giving up when the detox is just about to have a profound healing effect on you or carrying on when you may be damaging yourself!

On a retreat you get to step completely out of your normal world and really have time for yourself. You will be doing many things that are nurturing and supportive of your own well-being and healing, such as learning yoga, chi gung and meditation; learning how to improve your diet; receiving various complementary therapies; being in a relaxing and inspiring environment and having time to slow down and de-stress.

Why are your retreats just in the UK?

All of our retreats are run in the UK to make it easy for people (living in the UK) to get to them, without the need for flying or long distance travel. Plus, West Wittering is an absolutely gorgeous part of British countryside & has a stunning beach too.

Do you lose weight?

Most people do lose weight. On average, people seem to lose between 3-10kg (6.6-22 lbs) in a week!

What happens on A Vitality Detox Retreat?

A typical day begins at 7am with a wake-up call, followed by a warm lemon water drink. At 7.30, you will learn and practice yogic breathing exercises, which will help your body to detoxify and also will calm and balance your mind. This is followed by a short session of learning how to practice meditation and then an hour of yoga or chi gung.

Juices: after your morning exercise you will have your first fruit or vegetable juice of the day. These are made by us, with large quantities of fresh and organic (as much as are available) fruits and vegetables. Juicing requires vast quantities of fruits and vegetables. Whilst you are with us, you will probably consume a much higher quantity of nutrients than you would do when eating normally.

You will get a fresh juice about every 3 hours throughout the day until the evening time, when you will be given a hot, clear, vegetable broth. This broth is warming and enjoyable as a social event, but it is also an important part of the cleansing process as it has high potassium content.

What treatments do you provide?

We provide a different treatment for you every day. These treatments support the Detox process or help you find better balance and relaxation.

4 Day Retreat treatments vary, depending on the retreat venue but they can include: detox aromatherapy massage or structural rebalancing; .homeopathy or colonic irrigation; and aqua detox or reflexology

7 Day Retreats treatments also include: naturopathic nutritional assessment and advice; herbal detoxification supplements and soft fibre drinks; colonic irrigation; hydrotherapy; aqua detox.

What is there to do apart from the yoga and treatments available - ie what do you do in your spare time?

The retreats are really a time for slowing down and stepping out of doing mode. They are set up to encourage people to drop into ‘being’ and to come back to themselves. Therefore the retreats are quite spacious. People are encouraged to read, walk, ask health or nutritional questions of us, nap, chat with us & the other participants. There are also lots of good health and life books there for you to read. There is also a great selection of inspirational & healthy living DVDs, which are often watched in the evenings.

The 7 day retreats are a bit busier due to people doing enemas and colonics, as well as taking supplements and fibre drinks as part of the program. But as we are close to the sea, walks along the beech can be great too.

What are the herbal detoxification supplements?

We use several herbal and nutritional supplements. These contain many herbs that work very effectively at dissolving and breaking up the mucoid matter that lines the walls of the digestive tract, and then help to expel it. They reduce gas in the stomach and intestines, purify the blood and stimulate and strengthen the liver and eliminative organs. They also strengthen, heal and re-build the peristaltic action of the colon and digestive system.
The nutritional supplements provide many nutrients to support your body (especially your liver) and break down and get rid of the toxins in your body.

Am I going to be starving hungry all the time and dreaming about food?

Most people are surprised how little they feel hungry. In fact, Fasting is a totally natural state, which we have been evolutionarily designed to be in, on a regular basis (our ancestors were very unlikely to have constant access to an abundance of food).

Participants will consume far more vitamins, minerals and nutrients whilst drinking the juices there than they would when eating normally. Some people do feel hungry sometimes and this is often an emotional response, which is why it is really helpful to do this as part of a group and with good support.

On the 7 day retreats, participants drink soft fibre drinks which give the sensation of being physically full too.

Has fasting been useful at helping people with any serious diseases?

Yes there are many records of people who have been supported in their recovery by the detox process. Many traditional healing methods have been used to help people recover from many diseases for hundreds of years. For more specific enquiries, please contact us directly to see if this process might be suitable and of benefit.

Can someone suffering with diabetes do a fasting cleanse?

Yes, we have had many people with diabetes doing the retreat with us before. If you have diabetes, you will need to talk with us before about your condition and you will need to monitor your blood sugar levels throughout, to enable us to tailor the retreat to your requirements. Detoxing and nutritional re-education can be really helpful for people diagnosed with diabetes (or in a pre-diabetes state) attempting to rebalance their health.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Normally, they are as follows:

For the 4 day retreat: arrive by 11am and depart about 4.30pm on the 4th day

For the 7 day retreat, arrive by 3.30pm and depart by 10.30am on the 8th day

We will send you exact information when you make your booking.

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