Read & see why people keep coming back

I have been on a few of these (detoxes) –all good but not with the same ‘wholeness’. It has been very enjoyable, all of it. Thank you.

Bridget Valler

Client on the beach

Beautiful, perfect location & home – it would not be as perfect without the atmosphere that you create. Completely faultless! Walks on the beach were a highlight. I don’t want to go home!!

Amber Khudairi

I appreciated the calm environment & structure; the classes; the Thai massage; & even the juices. I have felt good, calm & not at all hungry. The treatments were all very professional & the house is lovely. I have gained a lot emotionally as well as physically. Its been wonderful.


The Detox has definitely given me a zest for life. It’s been very successful.
Excellent lectures & first class therapies – the Thai massages definitely hit the spot. Yoga & Chi Gung were also excellent. The beaches & general area are quite stunning. Warm, relaxing, inspirational & educational

Martin Lowe

Breaking the fast

I was amazed at how much was offered!

It’s like staying at a friend’s house – lovely, warm, welcoming & comfortable.

I learnt how to look after my body, nourish my spirituality & calm my mind. I really enjoyed the people & the laughing.



Life changing! No treatment is’

just a massage’ or’ just a consultation’ – it is “a breakthrough for a healthy

future!” Amazing revelations, both sad & happy, which have been a gift for

me for moving on – thank you Jem & Mandy.

I adored the venue, it is homely, peaceful, spiritual, warming with idyllic surroundings.

Vicky Serene Towers

I gained rest, relaxation, friendship, better health, inspiration, hope & lots of practical advice to take home with me. I feel like I have had some major shifts & I have loved every minute of it.

The treatments were fantastic & I loved being by the sea, the big garden & the lovely house.

I feel thoroughly detoxed & ready for the next stage of my journey. It’s been perfect!

Lara Francis

I have had a wonderful time & feel happy, rested, at peace & more educated!

I am really pleased with how well everything has been planned out. The timetable is perfect – different activities, juices at perfect times, great chats. It was the first time that I have practised Chi Gung & I really loved it. I feel great- very clear headed & healthy.

The house is so welcoming, clean, homey & a good size, plus its near the beach – amazing, caring & loving environment!

Wonderful. Physically, mentally & spiritually! It has surpassed all expectations! 

Laila Khudairi

After 20 years of nursing, having breast cancer & working for 5 years as a colonic hydrotherapist in a busy clinic in Chelsea, listening to my clients experiences of detox retreats/spas all over the world, I feel qualified in saying that Vitality Detox is the most holistic & unique retreat that I am aware of. If you paid me, I would not go anywhere else!

I received unconditional love & acceptance. I have enjoyed every moment.

Julia Goodall

It’s Monday …. I’m in the office and smiling!  I feel so energised and happy and it’s really thanks to you.  Both of you were really inspiring and the detox retreat was really just the motivation I needed to kickstart my healthy regime. Even better, since last Monday, I have lost 6lbs!! 

Jem – you have magic in your hands – your massages were fantastic and my body has not felt so relaxed in a long time!

You both were fantastic hosts and great company.


Isn’t it amazing how clear the palate becomes once cleansed. I really think your ideas and the retreat are amazing and your attention to detail is so noticeable .The house and situation so lends itself to feeling safe and supported through what is quite a mega process.

 I feel totally revitalised & energised. Ready to enter a new chapter of my life. Jem & Mandy’s infectious exuberance & heartfelt caring nature shone through. The treatments were great & of a high standard. The house was a beautiful, nurturing & nourishing space.

Susan Ainscough

Its a lovely, light house with great surroundings. It was a very relaxing & useful weekend with a great feeling of kindness & compassion.

Carole Hayman

I enjoyed the general feel of the home-liness & the safety of being looked after. It has given me a push start into my much needed healthier lifestyle.

Janet Cronin

The house felt very spacious, welcoming & comfortable – & what a location! I got exactly what I came for, enjoyed it all & would definitely recommend it.

Pauline Meredith-Yates

Wasn’t as scary as I thought. Overall a great location & a fab collection of people. I felt a million miles from London – so a real retreat! It was educative fun & enriching.